Advanced Courses

Startup CFO offers some more advanced courses for those with specific career goals

Exit Masterclass

Our leading face-to-face small group course with leading authorities on various aspects of making your Exit happen

£2,500 a year

Resilient Leadership

We've worked with a health and performance coach with a view to launching this course that supports our members on the achievement of high performance regardless of the stress and pressures that are a part of life in a start-up or scale-up.

£2,500 a year

Used by the world’s most innovative teams

"The Mastermind group was a great forum to discuss relevant topics or issues with a peer network. We covered topics from fundraising, founder relationships through to reporting tools."

Mike Feely

CFO Unmanned Life

"The mastermind coaching was an expertly facilitated opportunity to share and learn from my peers. It was a superb learning and development opportunity, so much so, we plan to keep it going."

Tom Coward

CFO Cytora

"The Startup CFO mastermind coaching created a safe space to discuss the detailed realities of our roles with experienced peers. That opportunity is not easily available elsewhere, I thoroughly recommend it."

Colman Stephenson