Mission and Values

The Startup CFO group was founded in 2013 and has a long heritage of bringing together high calibre finance professionals from some of Europe’s best start-up and scale-up companies. We enable like-minded individuals to share knowledge, seek advice and spend time building relationships with others in finance leadership roles. Whilst our origins are in London, the nature of Technology businesses has ensured that we have quickly become the largest and most active group for finance leaders in European Tech.

In order for the community to have real value, both online and at events, the group has defined values we expect members to adhere to. We expect members to contribute to discussions in our Slack group, provide trustworthy input and answer as many questions as they ask. Our values have enabled us to support the career progression of hundreds of CFOs and, whilst we welcome all Finance professionals in Tech, our group is probably not the place for Wallflowers. We love seeing highly active members helping each-other out and we expect all those who benefit from our free membership to put something into the conversation.