Our Ecosystem

Guy, David, Lambro and Prakash formulated the underlying mission for the group over the long history of Startup CFO. The one theme that came through was the breadth we could offer to other CFOs like ourselves. 

Typically a Members Club is focused on fulfilling a social requirement and bringing that together with a shared place to be. With Startup CFO we started with a social requirement, as we brought together FDs and CFOs for drinks as well as our professional development opportunities, which have snowballed from that foundation. 

In the end we developed a name for that breadth of offering, we decided we would support the whole CFO ecosystem. 

It was clear, that with our deep commitment to trust, we could support a huge range of needs for finance professionals. For example, if your controller needs commercial career development we can support that, if your business is targeting an IPO we have a course for you, if you’re hiring your first FPA and you need remote assessments we have that covered too. In fact, there isn’t a single CFO need that we don’t plan to support through a close-knit family of Startup CFO businesses.

This is how we go about supporting the Ecosystem. Ensuring that we leverage our deep insight to the needs of our community to make sure everything you require can be delivered by Startup CFO.

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