Our Ecosystem

Our four CFO founders realised that startup careers need to be supported by a community of like-minded professionals. The intensity of building a groundbreaking business, and being the voice of reason in such a company, is such that you’d be crazy to take this on without support.

This desire led to the founding of Startup CFO, a Members Club focused on fulfilling a professional and social need. Our ecosystem covers all the normal things a finance leader would take on in corporate life, as well as extending to fundraising, founder partnering and exits. 

This is an incredibly broad remit and through our partner relationships, we are able to support all these elements. For example, if your controller needs commercial career development we can support that, if your business is targeting an IPO we have a course for you, if you’re hiring your first FPA and you need remote assessments we have that covered too. In fact, there isn’t a single CFO need that we don’t plan to support through our close-knit family of experts and partners.

This is our strategy for supporting the Tech CFO Ecosystem. Ensuring that we leverage our deep insight into the needs of our community to make sure everything you require can be delivered by Startup CFO.