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Mary-Anne Moffatt: scaling finance in Fintechs

Mary-Anne Moffatt – CFO Ramp Network We explore Mary-Anne’s extensive experience in financial services and how she adapted her approach to lead the finance function

Startup CFO

Black History Month

October is Black History Month in the United Kingdom and we have taken the decision to use this opportunity to put a focus on D&I initiatives as well as some of the struggles of the past and the present.

Whilst progress can often take time to irradicate inequality and injustice, the time to commit to action is now. The fact that some aspects of progress have taken close to a hundred years to take place does not take anything away from the need for urgent developments in the world of startups and scaleups.

Startup CFO

Venture Debt

One of the first things that Finance Directors, new to start-up life, stumble across is Venture Debt. In part, this is because senior Finance hires will often arrive not long after a substantial equity round, and that happens to be one of the optimal times for a tech business to raise venture debt.

Venture debt is a form of debt financing, typically a non-convertible, senior secured loan, offered to venture-backed businesses. It serves as a tool to complement equity financing and usually extends the runway from the most recent round.

When compared to other banking products Venture Debt is an offering for those with low, but fast-growing revenues and where cashflow remains negative overall. Typically, it’s exclusively available to a venture-backed business, which is fundamental to the offering as typical banking requirements around cashflow generation are not necessary.

Madi Shadid

Our Timeline

Our timeline: a decade of growth February 2013 Guy Hutchinson and David Lee grab coffee. Two weeks later the first meet-up happens at the Gunmakers

Madi Shadid

Learning & Development

Developing a finance career in a startup or scaleup can be demanding. Finding the right learning and development opportunities to optimise your career growth can